Bank Holiday Weekend on Jersey - Day 3

Sunday morning, after a relaxing day and inspiring evening meal yesterday we were ready for a little more action and decided to go for a coastal walk in the north west of Jersey.
According to the Jersey tourist office it was easy to get there and would provide us with beautiful views of the island and its rugged  coastline.
They were definitely right about the transport. One of the nice things about Jersey is that there is a good network of busses which get you cheap and easy to almost any part of the island from St. Helier. Getting back to St. Helier is a bit more of a challenge, because as mentioned earlier, the islanders value their Sunday rest and send the busses back to the garage long before sundown.

Luckily we set off at 10 in the morning, so we had plenty of time to exhaust ourselves before the last bus back.
Along the way we were treated to impressive views of castle ruins, funny place names (is Grosnez French for Big Nose?), secluded beaches, and plenty of wild flowers and heather.
There is a path along most of the coast of the island which is signposted in most places with the simple, but undeniably true words "Footpath". Getting lost is almost impossible and luckily nobody ask us to do so.

When we arrived back in St Helier after our walk we were rather peckish and after a brief stop in our hotel we decided to hit the town in search for dinner. Unfortunately we discovered quickly that many restaurants were closed (no doubt enjoying their Sunday rest, but depriving me of my Sunday roast) and the ones that were open were fully booked. In the end we got lucky in a place called The Square, right opposite our hotel. Upon asking if they had a table for two we were told "yes, one moment please we will get you a table". Looking around we were silently wondering where they were planning to seat us, as all tables were occupied. But they delivered on their promise, by literally getting a spare from a backroom and placing it in the last 2 square meters of empty floor space in the restaurant.
Although not in the same league as our Saturday evening meal, we were again pleasantly surprised with the quality of the offering. The starter of crispy pork belly was superb, and the main of crab linguine would have been too, were it not that someone decided to make the crab feel at home and salted the dish to the same level as seawater.

After the meal we made our way back to our hotel room, where we counted our blessings, instead of sheep, for the fact that our room was at the back of the hotel and not at the front where local party goers and tourists alike were giving their vocal chords a good workout till deep in the night, and enjoyed a peaceful sleep.


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